5 Reasons to Use Zappar

5 Reasons to Use Zappar

Bringing something unique and new to your marketing campaign can seem like a tough task these days, it’s as if there are no new ideas. From traditional mediums like TV and radio to new media like blogs and of course the biggest one, social media, it can be hard to set yourself apart. Well I’m here to help you; I want to let you know about Zappar, an app that can completely change your marketing campaign. So why should you use Zappar? Let me explain below…
Cost Effective

In any marketing campaign expenditures are on the minds of everyone. In the very beginning you must plan for every cent going out the door. So what if there was a unique way to reach your followers that not everyone is doing? Sure everyone has a Twitter account and can use trending hashtags, but can they manipulate the environment around there fans? No. But you can. Affordably too. Whether you’re a “mom-and-pop” shop using a direct mail campaign or a large corporation with product packaging, Zappar is an easy, cost effective way to set you apart from the crowd.

A zapcode (like a QR code) is what’s scanned by the Zappar app to trigger the augmented reality. The great thing about a zapcode is you can place it anywhere, product packaging, direct mail flyers and concert posters, even sidewalk murals! Zapcodes can go anywhere you can think of, only limited by your imagination. They can be printed or they can even go on your website. Unlike a hashtag, like, or comment, zapcodes can be take offline into the real world.


It’s every marketers dream to have something go “viral”, but in this chase for Internet fame, a lot of originality is lost. Without hesitation people jump onto the latest bottle flipping, weird dance craze. Zappar is here to change that. Sure augmented reality has been growing for a while now, but very few do it right, rushing to market just to get something out. With Zappar, you have access to algorithms that have been meticulously worked on by developers to bring individuality to your campaign that’s rarely seen these days.

Ease of Use

Zappar comes with three options you can use to create the most out of your zapcodes. The most basic tool is the Widgets tool, which allows you to add photos, videos, music, and even calendar events. From there you have the Designer and Studio tools, each one allowing you more and more creative control and flexibility. The great thing is that none of these tools requires you to be a coding genius. You have easy-to-follow instructions which will help you along the way to creating this unique, on of a kind experience.

Augmented Reality

With the phenomenon that was Pokémon Go, everyone wants to jump on the AR bandwagon but they don’t know how. Incorporating Zappar into your marketing campaign, rebranding strategy, or whatever it may be, lets you take full advantage of this AR craze, but most importantly, in a way that works. Nothing is worse than using something and seeming out of touch and doing it just to do it. Consumers can sense authenticity and will, without hesitation, snub your product if they feel you’re just pandering to them.

In short, Zappar allows you to be creative, unique, and modern without breaking the bank. What’s not to love?