We Are D&D Unlimited Inc.

An International Marketing and Sourcing Company.

Product Sourcing

We provide global sourcing solutions and creative marketing services for non-profit organizations, government agencies, direct mail agencies, small and large corporations.

Digital Marketing

We use a variety of industry leading methods to make sure your product or service reaches your target audience in fun and creative ways.

Web Development

We offer fast back-end and front-end web development services that bring your brand to life and create an online platform for our clients to reach their goals.

Core Services

Creative Services

Packaging Design • Logo Design • Web Development

Strategic Planning

Market Analysis • Cost Analysis • Production Timeline

Concept Testing

Prototype • Product Revisions • Market Testing

Engineering & Production

Mass Production • Quality Control • Packaging


Freight Expertise • Customs Clearance • Duties

Response Processing

Performance Analysis • Caging and Lockbox • Fulfillment Services





Our flexible partnership model allows D&D Unlimited Inc. to customize our procurement services for each of our clients.

Our stable relationships with over 3,000 suppliers allow us access to a broad range of products to support both direct and indirect procurement requirements.

We provide a range of services including supplier qualification and selection, RFQ/RFP process management, transaction management, and supplier and contract management.




As the outsourced element of your sales and marketing team, we partner with you to bring your product to market.

We have significant experience working with extensive markets including major retailers, corporations, and government entities.

D&D has the infrastructure and a team of innovative, professional experts necessary to ensure that each of our clients achieve their sales goals.

We are prepared to help companies identify potential markets, enter new markets or introduce new products.

The benefits of using a manufacturer’s representative include:

• More cost effective than developing a full-time internal sales force

• Quicker speed to market

• Leverage established sales channels

• Experienced sales force, Immediately operational




Leveraging our extensive network of manufacturers, we work with clients to find the appropriate manufacturing plant to produce superior products to their exact specifications.

We customize existing products or develop new products designed to each of our client’s specifications.

Our well established relationships with our manufacturers enable us to develop exclusive product lines especially for our clients. We are aware that this specialized service is difficult or impossible to obtain through other suppliers or purchasers. Our clients appreciate that we handle the difficult, time consuming tasks such as the shipping, customs, and duties logistics.

We deliver more than products. We deliver a quality supply chain and time saving solutions because we work effectively with our manufacturers and our clients.




We offer fulfillment and warehousing services that are cost effective for your business.

We understand the challenges our clients may face in receiving and warehousing large quantities of products. We have experience in fulfilling large quantities of back-end gifts for non-profits and agencies. Our team is skilled, efficient, and experienced in handling all packaging and shipping processes for these large fulfillment orders.




We partner with our clients to design creative products that lower their costs while increasing their brand awareness.

From design to acquisition to warehousing to fulfillment and shipping, we furnish you with solutions that are cost effective.

We guarantee our products and service while providing you with comprehensive product and fulfillment solutions.

How did the D&D Unlimited Team establish a proven track record for managing successful direct mail campaigns?

We tailored the design of the mailing and custom premium product to our clients’ target markets. We managed international sourcing that included end-to-end support services of design, prototypes, ship testing, production management and shipping.

We also provided warehousing and fulfillment services upon request.

Why does D&D Unlimited receive awards for innovative low-cost mailing solutions and consistent, outstanding recognition in the industry?

We provide incentives and gifts for fund-raising and non-profit organizations for a variety of programs including prospect mailings, renewals, and high dollar donor campaigns. We enjoy the challenge of producing innovative premiums that often result in campaigns with five (5) times the average industry return rate. Services for Non-Profits Our non-profit corporate clients appreciate the:

• Freedom to concentrate on their mission while we focus on fund-raising logistics.
• Excellent return for innovative direct mail premiums that improve open and response rates, decrease cost-per-dollar raised, and increase the lifetime value of donors.
• Engaging products at low price points that resonate with specific target markets.
• Increasing returns and growing the donor base.

• Fulfillment opportunities for back-end gifts tailored to a specific donor base.

Services for Agencies

As a trusted service agency advisor, we understand that it is important to work closely with a dependable vendor partner who is a strong team member.

The D&D Unlimited Team provides the expertise and reliability required to serve as the number one vendor partner of choice for direct manufacturing pricing, especially for customized, volume orders. We ensure that our clients are proud of products they deliver to their constituents.

We promise to keep costs down, quality up, stay within budget, and deliver on time.




We are truly a global trading company in which we not only import goods from overseas but also export goods to other countries that are specifically made in the U.S.

The benefits of direct global trading and sourcing include:

• Direct from manufacturer pricing
• Guaranteed product quality
• Control over the production process
• Customizable products and packaging



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