Our Services

Premiums & Fulfillment

Uniquely positioned in the promotional advertising industry, D&D designs, manufactures, imports and distributes an unlimited selection of quality promotional products. We represent over 3000 suppliers and offer unlimited products to choose from.

As manufacturers and importers we have developed our own exclusive product lines that are not available from other suppliers. We’re also able to customize existing products or create new ones designed specifically for your company’s needs.

From design to acquisition to warehousing to fulfillment and shipping, we furnish you with solutions that are cost effective. We guarantee our products and services while providing you with comprehensive product and fulfillment solutions.


Beginning-to-end service that starts with creative design and development and follows through to manufacturing, packaging and delivery of the products.
Cost-effective and high-quality foreign or domestic sources.
Access to a broad network of suppliers

Sourcing & Procurement

D&D provides product sourcing for hundreds of clients on a global scale. D&D helps customers save time and money through product sourcing and spend management. We understand that each client has a specific procurement process and through strategic sourcing, we are able to deliver cost-effective procurement services.

Our highly trained staff is able to deliver prompt, effective, documented feedback that ensures products are delivered on-time and on-budget. We have the ability to work with your in-house procurement systems, in order to provide our value-added sourcing and deliver savings directly to your bottom line.


Global Reach:
Local insight with global reach
Manage Supply Chains:
Identified suppliers that align perfectly with your business goals and values
Manage Procurement Costs:
Handle logistics, administrative and payment arrangements

OEM & Private Labels

Since we work directly with our factories, we can help our clients find the appropriate factory to produce their goods to their exact specifications. We partner with manufacturers to understand their products and capabilities. We partner with our customers to put these products and capabilities to work in the most productive, efficient and profitable ways possible.


Product specialization
Competitive pricing
Product quality
Reliable delivery

Contract Manufacturing

By partnering with an established manufacturer for production and fulfillment, companies are free to launch new products with minimal investment and minimal risk.

D&D can help develop and formulate any product based on customer requirements. We handle the entire process from sourcing and producing all raw materials, to filling, labeling, and packaging. The end result is a finished product ready to sell on the market.


Minimal investment & Low Risk
Industry expert with turnkey solutions
Flexibility & Scalability

Manufacturer Representative

We represent a selection of foreign and domestic manufacturers for the sale and distribution of their products. With our extensive sales and marketing experience, we can guide our clients to help them develop new sales and distribution channels and bring new products to the market.

We have deep experience working with a wide range of buyers to include major retailers, corporations, and government entities. Our dedicated, well-trained and experienced sales force partner with your company to focus on sales revenues. We can help you identify potential markets, enter new markets or introduce new products.


More cost effective than developing a fulltime internal sales force
Quicker speed to market
Leverage established sales channels
More experienced sales force that need less management and direction

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