About Us


For over two decades, D&D Unlimited Inc. has proudly served as a leading provider of creative marketing services and global sourcing solutions to our esteemed clients.

Since our beginning in 2005, we have solidified our reputation as a global manufacturing and supply chain powerhouse, with a strong emphasis on OEM capabilities and securing patents for ourselves and our clients.

What truly sets us apart is our extensive global supply chain management, manufacturing contracting, and manufacturing capabilities, primarily rooted in Vietnam, where our heritage and the foundation of our development originate. With a strategic network of offices and facilities across Asia, we have established a robust supply chain presence that enables us to seamlessly integrate with both our clients and their supply markets on a global scale. This strategic footprint empowers us to deliver unmatched value to our clients by tapping into a vast array of resources and expertise from around the world.

Our commitment to cultivating long-term relationships with a select number of organizations is fueled by our global reach. We operate on the principles of trust, transparency, and unwavering business integrity, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of service and support.

As your dedicated marketing partners, D&D Unlimited Inc. leverages cutting-edge technology, tools, and proven practices to provide data-backed insights. We equip entrepreneurs, inventors, startups, and established companies with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions before embarking on product design and development journeys.

In our core role as sourcing and procurement experts, our focus remains on optimizing costs, streamlining delivery, and enhancing supply chains. Through our global sourcing capabilities, we empower our clients to not only maintain competitiveness but also reduce their global procurement costs significantly. Our exceptional track record in optimizing supply chains ensures that our clients receive superior products, precisely when they need them, and always within budget.

Building the brands of tomorrow, one data–driven marketing campaign at a time.